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Welcome to the Network Operations Center (NOC), of Big Sur Internet. The "nerve center" facilities are manned 7x24. The NOC staff is backed by a team of expert network and system level engineers who provide escalation support and "state of the art" network engineering. Network Operation Center
Web Server/Router The Big Sur Internet server hub location is designed for nonstop Internet operation. A virtually endless stream of power through Redundant Power Management Systems keeps our servers operational 24 hours a day.

Web Servers, Routers and all critical systems receive clean, conditioned power from the UPS batteries.

This RPMS UPS system consists of multiple UPS, each maintained at a load not to exceed 50%, so that in the event one fails the remainder can take on the load without exceeding capacity. The batteries are charged by either utility power or by a large on-premise backup generator (pictured right).
Secure Servers Internet Connection
Above (right) is one of the big pipes that makes our Internet connectivity so fast. These big pipes are from multiple providers such as MCI, UUNET, PACBELL, SPRINT and several other Internet backbones that insure the most dependable Internet service anywhere on the Internet

Big Sur Internet designs websites for a variety of clients; from graphic design companies to jazz festivals. It is important to remember that all web sites are in the business of supplying information in a fast and appropriate manner. We will work with you to present your Internet presence in a way which is balanced, informative, and entertaining. Depending on your business we can discuss what is most appropriate as an investment and look at what realistic returns you can expect on your Internet investment.

To view some of the sites Big Sur Internet hosts, manages, or has designed, go to the website design page and use the Site Reference Menu.

Our hosting centers are co-located in Florida, California, Virginia, and Atlanta, Georgia directly on the backbone of the Internet. This offers us the highest percentage of uptime as well as the fastest available connection rate. Using multiple redundancy with MCI, UUNET, PACBELL, and SPRINT insures that if one of these suppliers has a problem, your customer is routed through one of the remaining Internet connections.

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